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Nail art is so much in fashion these days that why only the celebrities, the common ladies too have started flaunting it with a glee. Funky nail arts are cool Add Ons one can choose to flaunt on any special day or a day out but pairing it up well with the dress too matters a lot or else you will end up looking outlandish! Whether it is for the forthcoming festive celebrations or for some great buddy times you have on the cards, a perfect nail art can hold you up.
A nail art that’s pretty easy to be tried at home by simply anybody and can suit any body tone is this one. Your nails look pretty, you will feel cool and most importantly, you can carry it to anywhere without feeling odd. It’s fun, playful and is so much meant for these hot summary days. For trying it out on your own you will need a Base Coat, nail enamels in Flirt and Knockout and Quick Dry Top Coat.
For a fresh looking you and to reflect your cheerful state of mind you can choose to paint your nails in polka dots. Polka dots have always been the very girly way to flaunt your look. Get this look easily on your nails for which you will need a nail enamel in ‘One Perfect Coral’ and some other bright colours like white, fluorescent green, blue etc for creating dotted designs over the top.
Purple is one colour that will perhaps never end to be in fashion. You can pick this shade for any season and still look happening. This Durga Puja or the Diwali or even your friend’s wedding, any occasion can be adorned with this lovely shade with just a little bit of designs atop the nail paint. Get a Base Coat, nail enamels in Enchanting and Knockout and Quick Dry Top Coat for creating this look on your own.
If a soulful feminine look is what you are looking for your nails then try out this nail art. It is only about getting deep purple base on your nails first and then a gold or silver tip work over it in perfect harmony and curve. Mind it, eyes are sure to be pulled to your nails!
When it comes to look funky, in one word, you have to pick colours. Pick vibrant contrast colours like yellow, blue, red, pink, black, white etc and go for mix and match nails. You will look funky, sporty and ready to hit a day full of fun and parties. 

A royal statement look for the nails is guaranteed if you opt for one glittery nail in golden shimmery shade and the rest of the nails painted red in black borders. Try it and experience the dazzle.
Pink and silver too are two of the girly colours that will go great with Indian wears like saree, salwar kameez and all.
Apart from the simple nail arts there are many other complex yet vibrant designs as well for getting which you will mostly have to look out for professionals. The floral nail art is one of those which can flatter up the whole look of a lady when she is getting ready for a special occasion.
As the nail art trend has just started, a very few instances are there when the Indian or Assamese brides have chosen to get nail art for their special day of wedding. However, in the couple of years to come this trend too is expected to take the tempo with it being a fashion must for every bride to adorn their nails along with their mehendi clad hands.

Have a look on some of the lovely wedding nail arts:
However for delicate designs, accessorized nail art and for the extra polished look of your nails, either you will have to be a perfectionist to try it on your own or else, what for the nail art parlours are there? Guwahati has a number of noted nail artists who have made a place of their own in this field. You want fine colourful peppy nails, just step into any of the noted nail art salons in the city right away!


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