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The foremost thought that comes to mind in view of a romantic date, is a candle lit dinner. Not only that, to decorate a room and give it a warm tone with a cozy and intimate atmosphere, candles are best choice and to top it all, get some sweet smelling ones…  How about indulging ourselves in creating these wax beauties and show off a bit….? Bringing to you some ways to it.
Candle making was developed independently in many places throughout history. The earliest known candles were made from whale fat by the Chinese, during the Qin Dynasty (221–206 BC). In India, wax from boiling cinnamon was used for temple candles. In parts of Europe, the Middle-East and Africa, where lamp oil made from olives was readily available, candle making remained unknown until the early middle-ages. Candles were primarily made from tallow and beeswax until about 1850, but subsequently have been made from spermaceti, purified animal fats (stearin) and paraffin wax. (Source: Wikipedia). That was just for the general knowledge so that you can show off a little bit more about your dedication to candles.

Anyways, keeping aside my making-no-sense things, let’s get back to candle making. Candle making is an art, a creative art I would say. The kind of imagination you have along with the efficiency to give life to your imagination is what decides on the quality of an artist you are. Same thing applies when you think of candle making. If we have a look around we can see the varieties of candles that range from Pillar Candles to Taper or Dinner Candles, Gel Candles, Floating Candles, Container or Filled Candles, Specialty Candles, Tealight Candles, Votive candles, Ice candles, Gel Candles, Luminaria candles…phew….!!! and many more.  Candles are those sweet things which can light up any gloomy face or situation just like that (like in the true sense). And how wonderful that would be if you could just prepare one yourself or get it prepared from a pro and give it a personalized touch. Well, sometimes back this idea was not so much in vogue locally here in the Northeast, but with the coming up of candle making, basically as hobby and gradually as profession, candles are getting even popular. If we look around we would see many people making candles at home for gifts or just for mere pleasure. Again with the easy access of the required raw materials here in the region itself many are taking it professionally also.

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